Chef Carter

The Marriot in Boulder, CO

Restaurant: The Marriot in Boulder, CO

Q&A With Chef Scott Carter

What or who inspired you to be a chef?

The reason I cook is heavily due to my never-ending urge to create. I’ve always loved to make things and I found that at a very young age that I loved art, specifically painting. So as far back as I can remember I’ve been cutting up cardboard, slapping paint on a canvas and making delicious and brightly colored sauces. The way I see it, cooking is just another medium that I can use in order to create a beautiful (and great tasting) work of art.

Who are your culinary heroes?

Marco Pierre White, Wylie Dufresne, Thomas Keller

Are you a self-taught chef or did you attend a culinary school?

I started cooking at a very young age, watching my grandfather shoot and skin a deer and shortly after cooking that same deer with my grandmother who taught me a lot about where food comes from and how it should be respected. I landed my first restaurant job when I was 15; washing dishes at a taco place, then working my way onto the line. I eventually attended a small culinary school in San Antonio, TX and worked at a number of different restaurants in the area, gaining knowledge of many different cuisines including sushi, French-Louisiana and fresh tossed pizza pies. I’m still in love with cooking and creating and I don’t see that changing.

How long have you been a chef?

I’ve been cooking most of my life, and I started working in kitchens in my mid-teens, but I think around the age of 20 I started taking it very seriously and understanding what being a chef really means, so I’d say I’ve been truly working as a chef for about a decade.

What do you like about Sterling Salmon?

Sterling Salmon is handled very carefully using strict rules and regulations, it’s handpicked by knowledgeable professionals when you order it so what you get is a great product that has superior taste and a great color which is exactly what I look for in my salmon. We’ve cured it, baked it, basted it, roasted it, pan seared it and even candied it before and it always has great flavor.