Seared Skin Sterling Salmon

1-8oz portion of Sterling Salmon
2-tablespoons of butter
2-cups of Sweet Potato puree
1-cup of Brussels sprouts
¼-cup Salt-poached beets
¼-cup shallots
¼-cup of garlic
½-cup olive oil
¼-tsb lemon zest
¼-tsb Hawaiian Alaea
¼- citrus bread crumb
salt and pepper

Pre-heat a skillet with Butter for 3mins with a medium flame.

Using an 8oz portion of Sterling Salmon, place the skin side down on to the hot skillet.

Continue to baste for approximately 5min, or until medium rare.

Prep charred Brussels sprouts, garlic salt and pepper.

Prepare plating by spreading a layer of Sweet potato puree, along with Salt-poached beats, shallots and garlic in olive oil.

Once Sterling Salmon has become medium rare, place it skin side up, on top of the sweet potato puree,
adding with it the charred Brussels sprouts, lemon zest, garlic, salt and pepper.

Garnish lightly with Hawaiian Alaea red salt and a citrus bread crumb.